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What Should You Pay Attention To When Installing And Using Stainless Steel Bathroom Taps?


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Electric Stainless Steel Bathroom Faucet bring convenience to everyone. At the same time, some users who use electric faucets indicate that the electric faucet has a short service life. I believe that I have used electric faucets. The electric faucets bring me a lot of convenience, but some use electric faucets. People also report that the service life is relatively short. In fact, mainly in the usual use process, people are not enough to maintain it. What should be paid attention to when installing and using the bathroom electric faucet?

First, when installing the electric faucet, first pay attention to check the meter and circuit. For the current normal power environment: the meter capacity is 5 (20) A, the air is 16A, the power line is 2.5 square millimeters, and the normal tap water pressure is about 2KG. Feel free to install and use. Winter water is cold, it needs to be quieter to use. Generally, it is better to choose the product power, but it must also take into account the actual situation. A meter and circuit can meet the requirements. A house with a relatively large water pressure can choose power. 3000w.

Second, the installation only needs to be installed in the same way as the ordinary faucet. When installing, please refer to the product manual attached to the product.

Third, we must first determine whether the three lines are not reversed, generally left zero (blue line) N, right fire (brown line) L, upper ground (two-color line yellow-green).

Fourth, the first use of electric faucet should pay attention to the electric faucet installed, open the faucet (hot and cold location), see the water is sprayed from the nozzle and then connected to the power supply, the future process does not have to consider the above process (for the first time) It is to prevent dry burning accidents). Then open to the hot water position, the indicator light under the handle is bright (the indicator color is blue), indicating that it is heating, if it is not bright, it is checked whether there is no power supply or the water pressure is too low.

5. The temperature of the electric faucet is determined by the water flow. The water flow can be controlled by the handle. The water flow rate is relatively low. The water flow rate is high, but the water flow cannot be too small to avoid over-temperature (over-temperature). The fuse inside the machine will be automatically melted, resulting in the machine not heating properly, you need to contact the local distribution maintenance department).

6. After using the hot water in the electric hot water faucet, do not rush to turn off the faucet. Open the handle in the direction of cold water, let the residual heat flow out and close to the middle water stop position. (This way to prevent the temperature from being too hot when the next use, but also to better protect the machine and extend the life of the product).

7. If there is no need to use hot water during the summer, this product can also be used as a common faucet. If you unplug the power plug and do not touch the water, try not to splash a lot of water on the machine itself, but it is inevitable to wash it in the kitchen, but always wipe the product to keep the product clean.

information about Stainless Steel Bathroom Faucet:http://www.quickregisterhosting.com/classifieds/business-opportunities_3/businesses-for-sale/functional-definition-of-the-shower-of-stainless-steel-bathroom-faucet_i69258

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