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The Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Take You Through The Construction Of The Faucet


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When the kitchen is decorated, many people are very concerned about the large parts such as the range hood, the cooktop, the sink, etc. The small pieces such as the faucet are not taken care of. In fact, small objects are also important to your kitchen life experience. Below the kitchen, kitchen faucets manufacturers teaches you four steps to choose a good faucet.

The overall structure of the faucet is divided into a valve core, the main body, and a surface layer. The valve core is the part that controls the flow of water in and out. It is the heart of the faucet. It can be seen here if it is durable. The main body is the main component of the faucet, that is, the bone. Most of the water pollution is that the material of this part is not good; the plating is the surface of the faucet. The substance, which is the skin of the faucet, is the value of the faucet.

1. Can it be used for a long time?
The faucet was turned off and off every day. We can’t remember how many times it was switched in a day, so the first question we considered when buying it was whether it could be used for a long time. When the switch is active, the active part of the faucet is in the spool, so if you want it to be used for a long time, it depends on the quality of the spool.

The quality of the spool can be judged by whether it can withstand long-term no-drip testing, which is a life test for the spool. It is clearly stated in the national faucet testing standards that the no-drip test of the switch requires no less than 200,000 switching times. In addition to judging the quality from this test indicator, it can also be evaluated from the senses. Turning the handle up, down, left, and right, the light and unobstructed feeling indicate good quality.

2. Will it pollute the water?
Before the faucet was exposed to frequent lead levels, the lead poisoning in the residents caused everyone to start panicking. Therefore, when purchasing the faucet, in addition to the quality, it will consider whether it will pollute the water.

At home, the copper alloy is the most suitable material for the main body. Because copper ions have a certain bactericidal effect, and bacteria can not produce antibodies, the inner surface of the copper faucet will not breed bacteria, which is no other way than other materials. This is why many brands now choose copper materials to make taps.

Brass in copper alloy is a combination of copper and zinc. Its mechanical properties, wear resistance and corrosion resistance make it the first choice for faucet materials. Brass is also divided into many types because of the copper content. At present, most of the faucets use H59 copper, which is 57% to 61% copper. In fact, some international sanitary ware brands even use H62 copper. The faucet is produced because H62 copper has a higher copper content than H59 copper and has better corrosion resistance.

There is another option for stainless steel faucets that wants to completely eliminate lead contact. Many brands are now developing stainless steel faucets because they can be completely lead-free, but they are not popular because of the complexity of the process and the lack of copper.

3. Is it inconvenient to use?
The faucet is not convenient to use, it really affects the quality of life. In the past, the faucet only supplied cold water. Every winter, washing dishes, and washing vegetables became a tormenting work. Later, everyone chose the hot and cold mode. Now, we can have more choices and provide more life. Convenience.

4. the value is not high enough
The current faucets are too similar, they are all uniform silver, unified smooth surface, is there no more imagination for the faucet?

Looked at a circle, I like retro models, but to be honest, many faucets that win on the face value, the requirements for the overall decoration style are relatively high, please try carefully!

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