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Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers Tells You What Is Hot Stretching Technology


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The most widely used material in the kitchen sink is stainless steel. On the surface, whether it is a few hundred yuan sold online or one or two thousand yuan sold in a shopping mall, it is very beautiful and very subtle. Good and bad. It took tens of thousands of dollars to customize the high-end cabinets and the sinks that are sold together. After installation and use, slowly found that the surface of the sink is black, cleaning is not as convenient as when you just bought it. Every cleaning must be scrubbed with a steel ball. This in the end is why? The Stainless Steel Sink Manufacturers reveals the secret of “rusting” for you.

Sink processing technology: cold stretching technology and hot stretching technology

If you buy a stainless steel sink with low corrosion resistance, you are buying a hot drawing process sink. What almost no consumer knows is cold extrusion technology and hot stretching technology. Companies with cold stretching technology and equipment currently have no more than three brands worldwide. Almost 98% of the domestic water tank manufacturers are hot stretching technology, including the well-known domestic sink brand, and the production cost is low. So it is not surprising that consumers don’t know.

1 Cold stretching: stainless steel sheets are not directly heated by high temperature, but are directly stamped and formed by a mold.

The stainless steel sink adopts a cold drawing process, which ensures that the physical structure of the steel is not damaged and maintains the original corrosion resistance. The stainless steel tank cast by the cold drawing process is processed at room temperature without changing the chemical properties of the steel plate; the coating is not required in the basin, and it is never corroded. It is only necessary to scrub with a cotton cloth for permanent use. Combining a finely brushed surface that has been polished multiple times is the best choice.

2 Hot stretching: The steel sheet is heated to a high temperature and red, and then cast.

When the stainless steel sink is overheated at high temperature, the stainless steel is quickly blackened, and during the quenching process, the physical structure of the stainless steel itself is destroyed, and other chemical elements are added to change the chemical composition of the stainless steel, and the corrosion resistance is greatly increased. Reduced. The toughness of the stainless steel plate after high temperature will be strengthened.

Why is the surface treatment of stainless steel sinks produced by the hot drawing process generally electroplated?

Because the steel plate is heated, the steel plate is dull and dull. Mercerizing is to directly draw on the surface of the board. If the drawing process is used, the sink looks dull. Only by plating and pearl surface, the brightness of the sink can be increased. Of course, it is easy to fall off when covered. The frosted surface of the sink (pearl matte silver surface) is treated by an oxidized coating formed by the surface treatment of the pot body by an electrolytic solution. When the coating is peeled off, the pot body is blackened and quickly corroded. It is conceivable that greasy dirt is attached to the surface and cleaning is inconvenient. Even worse, if the bacteria are not cleaned in the summer, the bacteria will breed immediately.

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