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Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturing Process Is Much More Difficult Than Wood Cabinet


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Although there are many new stainless steel brands on the market, there are fewer stars and more moons, 60% – 70% of which are handmade small workshops. Only a few brands have large-scale production bases and high-tech automated production equipment. The production of Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets is a precision sheet metal. The manufacturing process is much more difficult than the wood cabinets. For example, the European door panels should have a hydraulic stretch of more than 1,000 tons, while the door paint temperature is above 220 °C. The baking rooms are all 10,000. Clean rooms, hardware processing is also processed through the CNC Center; the requirements of these processes are like producing a car. It is difficult to make high-quality products by hand alone, but it must be equipped with an imported CNC shearing machine and laser cutting machine. It is less than 300-400 million yuan. The investment threshold is high, and the difficulty in releasing the production capacity is the pain point of the whole industry. First, even OEMs are rare.

The price chaos is first reflected in the online shopping mall. The discounted price of the stainless steel cabinet brand ranges from 99 yuan to 10,000 yuan. At first glance, it is the sales price. After careful inspection, it is only a deposit. Then, Guangzhou decoration owners learned from several stainless steel cabinets near the Olympic Sports Center that the price of stainless steel cabinets ranged from 1,000 yuan/m to more than 5,000 yuan/m. The price difference was very large, among which the most expensive one was stainless steel. The cabinet model is made of Italian 45-degree gray natural stone. The store claims that each batch of stone is independent. One ton of stone can cut up to 5-6m 2 of similar color stone, and each piece is handmade. The body is made of 0.8mm thick 304 stainless steel, and the total price is 170,000 yuan, which is the best luxury in stainless steel cabinets.

Custom traps for stainless steel cabinets are a bit more than plate cabinets. One of the main pain points in the industry is that the process is not standardized and the post-maintenance is not in place. Appointed to install the pigeons, wait until finally can be installed, the site found that the single stove opening is not correct, the table surface is a lot of scratches, the cabinet below the sink has no backboard, a lot of high-temperature iron filings are cut into the tiles during installation, and the cutting is not processed. The edges are sharp.

Industry personnel said that a set of household cabinets should be used for 8-10 years, and later services accounted for 50% of the value of the custom industry brand. Small workshops may be done today, do not do tomorrow, pick up a single volume to leave It is impossible to say that product quality and post-service are not guaranteed, and it is difficult to claim and maintain. Once a problem occurs, it is very likely that even the business can’t find it.

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