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Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets Makers Share Kitchen Decoration Precautions


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When we are decorating the house, the kitchen is one of the areas that we need to decorate. After all, the kitchen is the place we use every day. Since it is a place we often use, then we must have a convenient way to come, then the kitchen sliding door What is the size and the kitchen decoration precautions? If you don’t understand it, let the Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets manufacturer introduce it to you!

First, how much is the size of the kitchen sliding door

1. It is a double-open sliding door, and it can only be a door opening and exiting so that the door opening and exiting should be kept at 80 cm. Generally, when we do the kitchen push door, it is two door pages, and the total width is 1.6. Rice. It is spacious enough to enter and exit.

2. The size of the kitchen sliding door and the size of the folding door have a common feature, that is, the uncertainty, the kitchen sliding door design is also only better than the height, the width and the number of the door need to be rationally designed and then customized. The sliding width of common sliding doors in modern home space is 600mm to 900mm and the height is 1900-2400MM.

3. Many people ask the size of the kitchen sliding door before installing the kitchen door. In fact, the kitchen sliding door size has a common feature with the folding door size, that is, the uncertainty, the kitchen sliding door design is also only highly comparable. In addition to the mastery, the width and the number of door fans need to be properly designed and then customized.

4. The decorator may know more about the size of your door frame. After all, the merchant just gives you advice based on the experience of selling the door. The kitchen sliding door height is between 2.2 and 2.4 meters. If there is a door beam, it is generally pressed from the height of the ground, and then remove the height of the mouth line. You can look at the renderings on your computer first and then decide.

Second, kitchen decoration matters needing attention
1. The rhythm of modern life reminds people to improve efficiency at all times. This concept also achieves a novel design concept that emphasizes the philosophy of life at home, and the era of kitchen electrical appliances is coming. The innovative and functional electrical configuration allows the kitchen to have flexible functions in addition to cooking.

2. The kitchen needs to use a faucet for cooking, so the kitchen is easy to get wet, so the floor tiles are easy to slip after they have accumulated water. The wet floor tiles are difficult to avoid, so you need to buy non-slip tiles to ensure people’s safety. Matte tiles are currently relatively anti-slip tiles, while the whole body tiles have good slip resistance and wear resistance. These tiles are very suitable for use as kitchen floor tiles.

3. The style is simple and suitable for small-sized kitchens. If the decoration is too complicated, it will appear that the whole space is very complicated. The overall principle of decoration is simple. Don’t be messy, the modern style with straight lines is a good choice. The color can be high-key or elegant, but the color must be single.

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