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Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets Are Becoming More And More Popular In Life


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In modern kitchens, furniture cabinets are one of the must-have custom-made furniture. There are two types of furniture for home cabinets, one is sheet metal and the other is stainless steel. For stainless steel cabinets, it is not easy to be deformed, not afraid of high temperature, and strong anti-collision ability is its advantage, but many owners also reflect that stainless steel cabinets are prone to water stains and stains, which are not easy to take care of. Below, Xiaobian tells you how to clean Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets ?

1. Clean with a mild detergent
For some diligent hostesses, the kitchen must be the place where they clean up every day, so in daily cleaning, just using a mild detergent is enough. Dilute the detergent, soak the cotton rag, wring it out, and wipe the surface of the stainless steel cabinet. Note that it should be wiped in one direction. Finally, flush the stainless steel surface with clean water to avoid residual detergent. Finally, Dry it with a dry rag.

2, the use of abrasive containing cleaning powder
How to clean stainless steel cabinets with serious stains? The answer is abrasive cleaning powder. In fact, the simplest abrasive is the baking soda and flour that everyone has. Use a damp soft cloth to rub the small Suda on the stainless steel repeatedly to remove most of the stains and water stains; spread the flour on the surface of the stainless steel cabinet, with a little The vinegar drops on the soft cloth, and then wipe the surface of the kitchen cabinet. The cleaning effect is also good. Of course, you can also choose a professional powder cleaner, but it should be noted that this type of cleaner has a certain degree of abrasion, must be cleaned.

3, glazing of stainless steel cabinets
Sparkling stainless steel kitchen cabinets must be one of the highlights that attract the attention of the owners, but stainless steel will lose its sparkle over time and wear, so glazing stainless steel cabinets is one of the means of cleaning. After cleaning the surface of the cabinet, wait for half an hour, let the surface completely dry, pour two tablespoons of olive oil onto the soft cloth, and wipe it hard. The grease can penetrate into the small hole of the stainless steel surface to complete the glazing work. The worn cotton autumn clothes are thrown away after use, and the trouble of cleaning is also saved.

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