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Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers Introduces The Stability And Tightness Of The Downpipe


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Today, Afa Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers will take you through the common problems of downpipes:

The water pipes in the sink are mainly made of PVC plastic hoses. Leakage of the downpipe is usually caused by pipe rupture or interface leakage. If there is a leak in the lower pipe, you first need to observe the location of the leak.

When installing the lower head, there will be a matching gasket inside and behind the drain hole of the sink. Usually, the inside of the sink is a thin gasket. The sink behind the sink is a thick washer. The two washers are fixed by the lower head of the upper and lower combinations. If it leaks here, check that the two gaskets are well filled and that there are any gaskets and gaskets that are broken.

If the pipe interface leaks, you will need to use a roll of white raw material. Since the lower tube is made of PVC, it will react to the expansion and contraction of hot and cold water. Therefore, at all interfaces, a few turns of the material strip are wrapped to ensure the stability and tightness of the water pipe connection.

The downpipe has an odor and there are two reasons for the smell. The first is that the downpipe does not have a trap to isolate the odor, and the other is that the tail part of the downpipe is not connected to the pipe. Typically, to facilitate cleaning or unlocking the plug, the diameter of the tail end of the lower tube is less than the diameter of the tube. If it is usually placed directly into the pipe, the tape is counted as a ball. After a long period of time, the tape becomes dirty and loses its viscosity. It will appear when it smells.

Hose blockages in kitchen sinks are a common problem. After the pipe is blocked, it must be removed immediately, otherwise, it will cause sewage to overflow. The lower tube was blocked. Typically, the pipe is blocked, ie the position of the V-shaped trap.

Today, water pipes are usually lower pipes with knob covers. This cleaning is relatively simple and allows direct removal and cleaning of the pipe. Before removing the pipe, it is best to put a basin of water to collect the wastewater. So as not to dirty the ground. After removing the tube, rinse it off with water. Then assemble and pick it up, it will take ten minutes. If it is not the kind of nut, it can only be pressed with one hook and two hooks. In any case, clearing it is an exhaustive method.

A good launch must not only ensure that there are no leaks, the pipes are rugged, but there is also a trap. The tube is preferably a 50 gauge wire hose, which is almost identical. It is best to have multiple interfaces because today there are more and more people in the dishwasher and water purifier, which need to be connected to the drain. Drains that are directly connected to the sink are not convenient.

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