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Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet Made Of Wall Drainage Is Not Good


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Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet are classified according to the classification of drainage and waterproofing. One is direct drainage and the other is wall drainage.

Wall drainage bathroom cabinets, the biggest advantages are three: 1, beautiful; 2, easy to clean; 3, relatively space-saving.

In fact, wall-drained bathroom cabinets have long been widely spread abroad, but they have been delayed in China. What is the reason? Xiaobian believes that there are five reasons:

1. For the decoration company, the wall drainage and slotting should be deeper, more difficult, and the cost is higher. Of course, which companies such as packages will never do it;

2, wall drainage bathroom cabinets relatively speaking, the style is less;

3. Compared with straight row, the advantages are not particularly prominent;

4. The installation must be a load-bearing wall or a non-load-bearing wall after reinforcement to install, adding restrictions;

5, the most important point, there are 2 elbows to the underground pipeline, relatively easy to block.

However, if you have to install it, then what issues should you pay attention to when purchasing? Xiaobian is also willing to give you some advice, how to avoid the fifth reason above?

First suggestion: try to pay attention when using

Be careful not to let too much hair pile up in the absorption basin. In fact, the problem is not too big. It is enough to clean up the time. It is necessary to know that the wall can be cleaned of hair and other garbage.

The second suggestion: be sure to buy reliable products

For the choice of wall row, it is recommended to choose pure copper for the drainage pipe.

Need to be prompted, when buying, be sure to ask whether the business is copper in every part, to prevent some businesses from cutting corners.

Third suggestion: Pre-purchase, accurate gauge

The wall-drained bathroom cabinet is called “pre-order” in our interior. It means that the specific model of the product should be fixed in the early stage of hydropower. Otherwise, when the plumber performs waterway reconstruction, the size is not accurate. It causes a lot of trouble for installation and later use.

So, what size should you specify before purchasing? such as:

1. The height of the bathroom cabinet is generally between 800-850. Which size did you purchase?

2. What is the width of the bathroom cabinet?

3. How high should the drainage hole and hot and cold water inlet hole be set? (To consider the final size after tiling)

In short, the more thoughtful you think, the less trouble you have.

information about Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet : http://www.quickregister.info/classifieds/services/other-services/how-to-choose-the-right-stainless-steel-bathroom-cabinet_i29882

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