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How To Use The Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Countertop


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We are decorating the kitchen. Because the kitchen is more prone to moisture when cooking, buy some kitchen utensils, of course, waterproof, do not rust. Either the kitchen utensils can’t be used. The countertop materials are very much, and the stainless steel cabinet countertops believe that everyone should have heard of it. The choice of materials for the countertops is more diverse. In addition to the well-loved stone, stainless steel countertops full of modern style are favored. Stainless steel countertops are easy to clean and waterproof or safe. So today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets countertops?

First, how about the stainless steel cabinet countertop
1. The stainless steel cabinet countertop is integrated with the stainless steel cabinet and will not crack.

2. an environmentally friendly raw material of stainless steel, it is not composed of chemical materials, and there is no fine radiation of natural granite.

3. stainless steel cabinet countertops and basins, baffles are also integrated so that the overall feeling of the cabinet is very intense, there is no meaning gap on the entire stainless steel table.

4. stainless steel cabinets contain countertops are made of stainless steel materials, certainly, fire, high-temperature resistance is also very good.

5. the stainless steel cabinet countertop is not permeable, the water absorption rate is zero, so the oil droplets or other stains on the countertop are wiped clean.

Second, stainless steel countertops matter needing attention

1. At present, in some old houses using galvanized pipes, the rust in the water pipes can be easily brought to the basin or the countertop. The use of 304 steel can effectively prevent the steel from rusting. There are “304”, “201”, “203” and other types of steel on the market, and the components contained in them are different, and the performance is also different. For example, 304 steel is superior to 201 steel in hardness and rust resistance.

2. for stainless steel countertops, because of the usual weight bearing, there may be some slashing action when cooking, the table surface is slightly thicker can increase the load-bearing performance. The thickness of the stainless steel basin should be moderate and should not be excessively pursued. The general thickness of the basin should be between 0.8 and -1 mm. Glass and ceramics often hit the basin wall when washing the bowl, which requires the steel body to have a rebounding performance. If the basin wall is too thick, this rebound performance is insufficient and the tableware is easily broken.

information about Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets : https://www.afastainlesskb.com/product/stainless-steel-cabinet/kitchen-cabinet/

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