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Highly Designed Design Of Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet


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With the continuous improvement of people’s demands for life, stainless steel cabinets have completely replaced traditional cabinets and become the mainstream of our lives. Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets are based on the evolution of kitchen stainless steel products.

However, whether it is the cabinet or the wall cabinet of the stainless steel cabinet, the installation height depends on the actual height and operating habits of the user to determine the installation height of the kitchen cabinet. For households with a high degree of kitchen use, if the installation height of the wall cabinet is not suitable, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to the actual operation. First of all, the height of the wall cabinet is too low, and people with higher heights are easily injured by accidental bumps with the cabinet. Secondly, if the height of the hanging cabinet is too high, it is very inconvenient for people with lower heights to take the items, and the utility rate will be greatly reduced. In short, the height of the wall cabinet must be determined according to the height of the user.

1. Determine the height of the wall cabinet
According to statistics, according to the height of Chinese women, the height of the cabinet is usually about 80-85 cm, and the height of the cabinet itself is about 65-78 cm. The average height of Chinese women is about 160 cm. In actual operation, it can reach a height of 175 cm. Generally, it only needs to be able to reach the middle part of the cabinet. According to this analysis, the calculated distance between the table and the center of the cabinet is about 50 to 60 cm. This design ensures that the operating area is spacious and easy to access.

2. Determine the height of the kitchen cabinet
Because the general stainless steel cabinets can be customized, the most suitable cabinets can be tailored according to the user’s actual height and daily use habits. Firstly, according to the height of the user, the height of the cabinet is determined. Under normal circumstances, the height of the cabinet is: the height is below 165 cm, the height of the cabinet is 80 cm-82 cm; the height is 165 cm or more, and the height of the cabinet is 85. cm.

How to determine the height of the stainless steel cabinet design is shared here today, but the above situation is for reference only, can not be limited to the above situation, generally the most effective way to ensure the convenience of later use is to let the family responsible for the use When the cabinet is installed, the field operation demonstration will be carried out to determine the most suitable height.

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