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Fruit Processing Machine Manufacturers Warn That The Use Of Lubricants Should Be Strictly Controlled


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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has developed specifications for lubricants for food processing machinery. USDA will use food lubricants as two grades of “H1” or “H2”. The Fruit Processing Machine manufacturer recommends that you must be strict and consider it seriously, and use a US-based Wyeth food grade or food grade grease product that meets the relevant regulations to provide a lubricant-sealed solution for food-related equipment.

First, the characteristics of food processing machinery lubrication:

1. Lubricants must not cause pollution to food: In some food processing machinery, lubricants may come into contact with food or cause food contamination, causing poisoning or other adverse effects of food.

H1: Accidental contact lubricant (USDA, H1), which can be used to lubricate or rust the equipment and parts. These lubricated parts may be exposed to food. Can also be used for gaskets or oil pool seals. When used for rust preventive components, it must be easily removed.

Category H2: Non-contact lubricant (USDA, H2), which can be used for lubrication of equipment and parts, rust-proof film, release agent, etc. These parts are not likely to come into contact with food.

It can be seen that the use of lubricants should be strictly controlled to avoid contamination of food by lubricants.

2. Lubrication management of food processing machinery: The lubrication management tube of food processing machinery should be paid attention to, and the lubricant that meets the performance requirements of the equipment must be selected. The lubricant must be kept clean. The vat should be placed horizontally and pumped by hand pump for use. The grease needs to be pressed into the grease gun or the greaser with a hand pump. The small oil (box) for the lubricant is limited to the lubricant. Containers for food and beverage, or washers/disinfections are absolutely prohibited for containing lubricants. The mark on the original barrel can be reused if necessary, but there should be obvious signs when changing the container to avoid misuse.

Second, the selection of food machinery lubricants

Dairy production equipment is usually made of stainless steel. In order to meet the hygiene requirements, the bearings are sealed for the whole life. Other parts such as drive gears are also made into closed type, which is isolated from the product or water.

Compressed air is used to agitate the emulsion during operation of the container. Standard instructions allow contact with the emulsion or dairy product, and it is necessary to use a non-lubricated compressor in order to contaminate the dairy product without lubricating oil.

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