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Escalator Company Share The Precautions Of Civilized Ride Escalators


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Escalator Company share the precautions of civilized rides on escalators and the response to emergency situations by elevators and escalators:

First, the civil aviation ride escalator notes
(1) Children cannot stay and play at the entrance and exit of the escalator steps.
(2) Do not climb on the handrail.
(3) Do not rub the lower part of the handrail with your hand.
(4) Do not bend over the moving escalator and reach into the comb plate of the step inlet and outlet.
(5) Do not discard hard objects such as pits and stones on the steps, and do not put sharp objects such as the tip of the umbrella into the gap around the steps, and do not extend into the comb plate.
(6) The baggage of the item should be carried by hand.

Second, the emergency response when taking the elevator:

The elevator door cannot be closed. After entering the elevator, if the elevator door cannot be completely closed automatically, the door closing button cannot be completely closed. At this time, the passenger should immediately exit the car and transfer to another elevator or take the stairs. If it is convenient, it should be repaired to the maintenance department of the elevator.

Being locked in the car. The passenger is in the car, the car stops or does not start for whatever reason, and the door cannot be opened automatically; the passenger should remain calm and do not take any rushing action.
(1) Continuously press the alarm button on the control panel of the car. At this time, the elevator alarm will sound, and the personnel outside the car will immediately know the car inside the person and immediately seek professional maintenance personnel to deal with it.

(2) Pick up the telephone on the control panel of the car and dial the help according to the above instructions; or press the phone button on the control panel to call the outside for help. At present, the telephones in the elevator car are connected to the three sides of the computer room and the duty room, and some people will answer by telephone call.

(3) Persons who are locked in the car should wait for external professionals to come and rescue. When a professional arrives for rescue, he must listen to the commander of the rescuer by phone or call, and cooperate with the rescuer to ensure the safety of all personnel.

Third, the emergency response when taking the escalator

In the lower part of the upper and lower entrances and exits of the escalator, there are two red buttons with the words “stop”. If there is a person falling on the escalator or a finger or heel is caught, etc. Call the person at both ends of the escalator and immediately press the “Stop” button to stop the escalator immediately. If the duty officer or the general passenger at the end of the escalator finds an emergency, he should immediately press the “Stop” button to avoid further injury.

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