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Elevator Supplier Share The Time Of The Ladder


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The elevator is an inseparable means of transportation for most people’s lives, but there are not many people who know the etiquette of the elevator and the elevator etiquette. The etiquette should start from the small things like taking the elevator. The following afa Elevator Supplier will teach you some elevators. Etiquette, let you be safe and decent when taking the elevator, give the other party a good impression! At the same time, it can also infect more people to obey the elevator etiquett

First, the general etiquette of taking the elevator

At the entrance of the elevator, if there are many people waiting, do not huddle together or block the elevator door at this time, so as not to obstruct the people in the elevator, and let the people in the elevator come out before entering, and you can’t rush.

The person closest to the elevator is first on the elevator, then press the “open the door” button for the incoming person. When going out, the person closest to the elevator will go first. Men, juniors or subordinates should stand at the elevator switch to provide services. And let the lady, the elder or the boss go into the elevator first, and then enter it later.

In the elevator, you should try to stand in a “concave” shape, and move out the space so that the entrant has a place to stand. After entering the elevator, the front should be toward the elevator to avoid face-to-face encounters. The person in front should stand on the side and go out if necessary to let others go out.

Second, the etiquette to pay attention to the elevator:
1. Take the elevator with your boss:
A. As a subordinate, you should stand at the elevator door to serve the boss when you switch the elevator. The ideal position of the boss is at the opposite corner to maximize the distance between the two and to unload the psychological burden of the subordinates.

B. When speaking in the elevator, you should not stare at the other person’s eyes. The eyes can be moved down appropriately, limited to the mouth and neck.

C. Because the elevator space is very small, it is best not to have hand movements when speaking, but not to gesticulate and move too much.

D. Breaking the silence is not a subordinate patent. The boss can also use the user for dozens of seconds to improve his understanding of the subordinates.

E. If the boss is thinking or obviously does not want to speak, then there is no need to find a topic.

F. After drinking or eating garlic, it is best to chew a piece of chewing gum on the elevator, and the cigarette should be annihilated before entering the elevator.

G. Ladies who are on the ladder are preferred.

Third, take the elevator with the guests

A. When the guest or the elder comes to the elevator hall door: first press the elevator call button, when the car arrives at the hall door: if the guest is more than one person, you can enter the elevator first, press the (open the door) button, the other hand Press and hold the elevator side door, politely say (please enter), please enter the elevator car for the guests or elders.

B. After entering the elevator: press the floor button to go to the guest or elder. If there are other people entering the elevator, you can ask for a few floors and help press. Whether the visibility in the elevator is cold or not, for example, when there is no other person, you can ignore the chilling, and when outsiders or other colleagues are present, you can consider whether it is necessary to chill. Try to face the guests sideways in the elevator.

C. Arrive at the destination floor: press and hold the (open the door) button with one hand and make the action for the other hand. It can be said: (When you arrive, please!). When the guests stepped out of the elevator, they immediately stepped out of the elevator and eagerly guided the direction of travel.

Fourth, take the elevator etiquette daily

A. For the convenience of you and others, it is forbidden to wait for someone to park the elevator on a certain floor for a long time. This will cause dissatisfaction to other passengers, but don’t wait for the person at the elevator door to close the door as soon as the elevator is on.

B. Enter and exit the elevator to be polite, first out and then back. If you are pregnant or young, you should let them go first. If there are a lot of people in the elevator, you may wish to wait for the next elevator.

C. When you are carrying fish, meat, etc., you must wrap it tightly. Try to put it in the corner of the elevator. Prevent squatting on others.

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