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Elevator Manufacturers Share The Correct Requirements For Elevator Purchases


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Elevator Manufacturers share the following issues to be aware of before purchasing an elevator:
1. Determination of elevator-type
At the beginning of the planning period of the building, the purpose of the building should be clarified, because the types of elevators used by hotels, office buildings, hospitals, houses or industrial and mining enterprises are often very different, and once determined, It is very troublesome to change again.

After the use of the building is determined, the passenger flow analysis is made according to factors such as the building area, the floor (height), the flow of people entering and exiting, and the location of the building in which the elevator is located, in order to determine the elevator speed and load capacity (load when the elevator car is fully loaded) The number of elevators required.

2. Drawing of elevator civil works
After determining the type, speed, load capacity, number of elevators, number of stops, total stroke height, etc., the architectural design department can be entrusted to design the blueprint. Here, the part of the elevator civil construction (mainly the elevator shaft) and the design department should be clearly defined. It is necessary to provide the same type of civil engineering drawings with professional elevator manufacturers and draw elevator civil construction drawings in combination with different structures of building elevator ladders such as brick structure, concrete structure, brick-concrete structure or steel-bone structure.

To add a sentence, although the owner may not have yet determined which manufacturer’s elevator products to use because the elevator manufacturers are based on the national elevator standards, even if there are some differences, they are similar, no problem, the owners can rest assured.

3. Selection of elevator specifications
In the selection of elevator specific manufacturers and brands, it is not necessary to say more here, because now the elevator market has already become the buyer’s market, you can contact as much as possible and choose. It should be noted that in the configuration of the hall, car door, car size and elevator specifications, it is necessary to adopt the general standard type product, because the standard size is manufactured uniformly, and the cost is relatively cheaper. For example, two elevators of the same brand have the same speed, load, and number of halls (doors), but one size is a general standard series, and the other hall door and car size It is determined to be non-standard, that is to say, it needs to be processed separately, then the cost of the latter equipment is 10% to 15% higher than that of the former. Of course, if you want to use elevators with similar specifications or other special specifications. If the cost cannot be avoided, it will be even bigger.

4. Have a certain understanding of the elevator national standard
Even if the non-professionals in the process of contacting the elevator, the national standard of the elevator cannot avoid the relevant laws and regulations concerning the installation of elevators in buildings. For example, the horizontal dimension of the hoistway, the deviation of the verticality, the minimum height of the top layer, the depth of the pit, and any other pipelines other than the elevator equipment in the elevator shaft, the labor department now needs to install standard permanent lighting in the hoistway for the safety needs. The ventilation condition and lighting brightness must conform to the standard. The main power switch is installed in a uniform position, and the surrounding area can meet the carrying capacity. The environmental requirements must be implemented and meet the national standard of the elevator.

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