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Elevator Manufacturers Share How To Design The Size Of The Elevator


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Does the Elevator Manufacturers share the width of the scientifically designed elevator? The minimum net width of the step is determined by a combination of factors such as the requirements of use, the modulus standard, and the provisions of the fire protection code. The point to be explained is to set the minimum net width of residential steps of 6 and 6 floors to 1 m.

The reason is that:
1 In the past, the minimum width of the stair section to meet the fire protection regulations was 1.10m, and the stairwell was usually opened at 2.70m or 2.60m. At present, the unit houses tend to be one ladder and two sets, the number of service sets is small, and the corresponding stairwell area can be reduced. If the 2.40m open stairwell is used, each set can increase the use area of ​​about 1m2, while the brick-concrete residential 2.40m open stairwell can only be about 1m wide;

The 22.40m opening is in accordance with the 3 mode, and can be coordinated with the other parameters of the 3 modes. The half modulus is not present in the plane layout, and the expanded modulus series can be formed with parameters such as 3.60m, which is beneficial to reduce the components and is also beneficial to industrial production. The layout is also suitable and flexible;

3 From the surveys in various places, the use of 2.40m open stairwell is very common. According to the analysis, as long as the width of the stair platform can carry the furniture, 2.40m can meet the requirements of use;

The original specification stipulates that the stair step width is not less than 0.25m, the height is not more than 0.18m, the slope is 37.75° and steep, which is quite different from the foreign standards. The residents go up and down the building quite hard, especially the elderly. Now the step width is modified to not less than 0.26m, the height is not more than 0.175m, the slope is 33.94°, close to the comfort standard, and can also be done in the design. According to the layer height of 2.80m, just 16 steps are set, and the area is not increased much.

It is stipulated that the height difference between the entrance floor and the outdoor design floor should not be less than 0.10m, the first consideration is the sinking of the building itself; the second is to ensure that the rain does not invade the room. When residential buildings have semi-basements and basements, rainwater intrusion should be strictly prevented.

The width of the stairwell is too large, and children can easily make slide games on the stair rails, which is prone to fall accidents. Therefore, the stairwell width is greater than 0.11m, and measures to prevent children from climbing can be taken.

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