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Elevator Manufacturers Remind To Prohibit Elevator Doors From Running Without Closing


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Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of living standards, elevators have become a common means of transportation, and people are using elevators more and more frequently. Therefore, it is necessary to master some safety knowledge about elevators, so that people do not need to panic when they encounter them in daily life, and correct handling of elevator problems can provide a protective sticker for life. Following Let’s take a look at the Elevator Manufacturers .

1. After the car door and landing door of the elevator are closed, the elevator will not start running.
In case of such a situation, it is probably caused by poor contact between the electrical contacts of the door lock on this floor. You can first press the open button on the control panel to open the door of the elevator, and then press the close button to close the elevator to see if the elevator can continue to operate after the fault is removed. It can be repeated once or twice or pushed by hand to help close the door. If not, we have to press the door button to open the door. The elevator management department can be informed by pressing the alarm bell or telephone and repaired by professionals.

2. After the elevator runs, it stops and does not open the door, and is trapped in the elevator car.
In case of this kind of situation, you must be calm, because the elevator is a mature and safe transportation equipment, and ” stopping the elevator” is a safety protection measure for the operation failure of the elevator. At this time, the safest and most effective self-rescue method is to inform the elevator manager through the alarm button or telephone on the control panel, and the elevator professional can also request 110 rescue.

3. Forcibly opening the door or rescuing oneself from the car roof safety window is not recommended. Since climbing out of the car is not equivalent to rescue, most passengers are not familiar with the elevator shaft and elevator structure, and blind self-rescue often causes greater danger.

4. After entering the car, the elevator starts running without closing the door, and the speed is getting faster and faster. In this case, should not panic, must not rush to escape from the car. The correct way is to keep all passengers as far away from the car door as possible and bend their knees. Because the car will stop suddenly after exceeding the rated speed or reaching the terminal station, bending knees can reduce the discomfort of the human body to ” stop suddenly”.

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