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Elevator Factory Sharing Elevators Are Not Sealed


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The frequency of elevator failures is getting higher and higher. In order to ensure life safety, Fuji Elevator Factory will introduce elevator escape knowledge.

First, after the passenger is trapped, the best way is to press the emergency call button in the elevator. This button will connect to the duty room or monitoring center. If the caller responds, all you have to do is wait for the rescue.

Second, if your alert does not attract the attention of the person on duty, or if the call button fails, you should call the police for help. Currently, many elevators are equipped with mobile phone transmitters that can be used to make calls within the elevator.

Third, if there is a power outage, or if the mobile phone has no signal in the elevator, you should stay calm because of the situation, because the elevator is equipped with a safety anti-drop device. The anti-drop device will be firmly stuck on the rails on both sides of the elevator slot so that the elevator will not fall. Even in the event of a power outage, the safety device will not malfunction. At this time, you must stay calm, stay strong, and wait for opportunities. In the narrow and stuffy elevators, many passengers worry that it will cause suffocation. Please be assured that the new national standards for elevators are strictly regulated and can only be placed on the market if ventilation is achieved. In addition, the elevator has many moving parts, such as some connection locations, such as the junction of the car wall and the roof, there is a gap, which is generally enough for people to breathe.

4. After a little stability, all you have to do is roll up the carpet that is laid on the floor of the elevator car to expose the bottom vent for optimum ventilation. Then shout outside, to attract the attention of passing pedestrians.

If you are shouting, but still no one is coming to the rescue, you must save some ways to save your energy. At this point, you may want to tap the elevator door intermittently, or hit the elevator door with a hard sole, waiting for the arrival of rescuers. If you hear the sound outside, please shoot again. While the rescuers have not arrived, they should observe calmly, wait patiently, and don’t go away.

Some people in a hurry will try to open the elevator from inside. This is a self-help method that firefighters strongly resist. Because the elevator is in the event of a failure, the door’s circuit sometimes fails and the elevator may start abnormally. If you force your voice, this is very dangerous and can easily cause personal injury. In addition, since the trapped person does not understand the floor position when the elevator stops running, blindly opening the elevator door, there is a danger of falling into the elevator shaft.

If the elevator suddenly falls, place your back close to the elevator and bend your knees and feet to the outside. This will maximize buffering and avoid over-affecting people. Also, don’t blindly climb out of the skylight. If the door is temporarily unable to open, it should be assisted by professional rescue personnel. After a power failure, it can escape from the skylight.

In short, in the case of being trapped in an elevator, it is the best way to successfully get rid of the predicament by properly controlling emotions, scientifically distributing physical strength, and patiently waiting for rescue.

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