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Directional Control Valves manufacturers


  • State: Kano
  • Country: Bahamas
  • Listed: May 25, 2018 7:31 am
  • Expires: May 25, 2019 7:31 am


Ⅰ . Overview
It applies to motor driven terminal type centralized lubricating system. The electric control cabinet receives the signal sent out by type PV-2E pressure control valve so as to realize alternate grease supply and opening of two main grease supply pipelines.
Cylinder-shaped sliding valve structure is employed to keep tight opening and closing of valve mouth thus realizing long-time high pressure without leakage. Powerful electromagnet and spring is employed to buffer, thus ensuring reliable reversal.
Ⅱ . Technical parameters
ModelNominal pressure (MPa)Maximum flow (L/min)Number of pathwaypressure at grease returning port (MPa)Maximum Switching frequency (cycle/min)Environment temperature (℃)Spring typeWeight (kg)
34DF-L2203410300-50counterbalance spring17
Ⅲ . Use instruction
The cone penetration of used lubricating grease is 310-385 (NLG10#~1#).
It can be used directly when the pressure in the grease conservator (pressure at grease returning port) is under 3Mpa. External grease discharge way should be taken when the pressure is between 3~10Mpa.

Ⅳ . Working principle
The diagram shows the ending status of grease supply. Electromagnets a and b of electromagnetic valve are powered off for demagnetization. The entrance of pressure grease is closed. Lubricating pump stops working. In this state, two main grease supply pipelines are opened to grease conservator.
Location S-2
At the same time of pump starting, electromagnet a is powered on for magnetization. The grease output from pump is delivered to main grease supply pipeline L1 through Mouth A and main grease supply pipeline L2 is still opened to grease conservator.
Location P-1
Pressure control valve is installed on the end of main grease supply pipeline. When the pressure on the end of main pipeline L1 is higher than the set pressure of pressure control valve, it is suggested to push its sliding valve rightward.
Location P-2
When the sliding valve moves rightward, push the contact linked to it to the left, making the travel switch LS-1 in the state of being power on which will send a signal to electric control cabinet. Therefore, electromagnet a is powered off and the pump stops working which returns to location S-1.
In next time of grease feeding, electromagnet b is powered on. The grease output from pump is delivered to main grease supply pipeline L2 through Mouth B. The act of pressure control valve makes travel switch in the state of being off.
Ⅴ . Descriptions of model
Ⅵ . DimensionsDirectional Control Valves manufacturers

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