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Copper Faucet And Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet Which Is Better


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The faucet is a household product that often comes into contact with water. When choosing, it is preferred to consider durability and water repellency, whether it will be contaminated by water stains, etc. Currently, the faucet is made of copper and stainless steel. Which faucet is better?

First, the effluent quality of the faucet

The faucet, also called the faucet, is the outlet of household tap water, as the name suggests, so the faucet copper is good or stainless steel. The first thing to look at is whether it can ensure the quality of the effluent.

1. Stainless steel faucet material does not contain lead, does not ooze harmful substances, ensuring the health of the effluent. The surface of the stainless steel faucet is polished to a small environmental pollution, and some of the plating layers are not well treated. The long time is easy to fall off and the water quality is affected. The Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet does not have to worry about this problem.

2. What is the poison of the copper faucet? In fact, it is necessary to clarify that the copper faucet does contain lead, but it is necessary to correctly understand that the amount of lead in the copper faucet is far less than that in the road exhaust. . The reason why there are toxic copper faucets is that some manufacturers add excessive lead in order to facilitate processing and reduce costs. Therefore, when purchasing, choose a brand manufacturer with credibility, and produce copper faucets according to national standards. Not only will it not cause poisoning, but copper can also act as a barrier to bacteria.

Second, the aesthetic characteristics of the faucet

Different material expressions give people different visual, tactile effects and psychological feelings. The difference in material properties determines the difference in aesthetic characteristics. The copper faucet can be flexibly polished, shaped and plated in a variety of styles. The stainless steel faucet is relatively simple in color and shape, and has a certain gap between the details and the artistic faucet.

Third, the processing method of the faucet

Why is stainless steel good but rarely used as a faucet? This is also the way of processing. The copper mining mainly adopts the “stamping process” and the “sanding process”. These two processes are now mature, and the copper itself has relatively soft texture, low melting point, easy processing and strong plasticity, which can ensure mass production and cost. control. The stainless steel material, especially 304# stainless steel, is hard and tough, and it is difficult to form, even if the molding cost is much higher.

The hardness of stainless steel is more troublesome to process, but it can also be seen that the stainless steel faucet is durable, can maintain a long service life without special care, and reduces the trouble of frequent replacement and maintenance.

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